Good price AS-10HVF compressor for household

Good price AS-10HVF compressor for household

Specific data

Model  number: AS-10HVF

Description: Oil-injection 

Compression Stage:single stage 

Compressor method:screw air compressor 

capacity:1.0m³/min  @ 8 bar ( can accept 7bar-13bar)
Voltage: 380V/50HZ/3PH Accept customized (like 220V/240V/415V etc,50hz/60hz)

Started method:variable speed 

Cooling method:Air Cooling

Direct method:direct driven

Ambient temperature(℃):-5 to 50




Air outlet diameter:RP1/2


Product Picture

Compressor Catalog 

AIRSTONECompressor catalog(4-1)


1. 5:6 rotor with small drop,high effiency,tranditional 4:5

Small drop, high efficiency, equal stiffness, small leakage area.Processing and forming by British HOLROYD Rotor

Machine, ,then Grinding by German KAPP/KLNGEL-NBERG precision rotor grinder, the precision of tooth profile

can reach 0.005mm, and the surface roughness can reach RA0.1-0.2MM.which

meauring by 3 coordinates ZELSS, LEITZ of Germany.

Even in continuous operation, the rotor maintains optimum clearance value, stable and efficient.

2. Oil separator tank                                                                                                                  

Compared with similar products, the oil discharge is less than 2ppm-5ppm, which not only ensures the clarity of the air

but also reduces the load of the air handling equipment.The professional design can minimizes the amount of oil in the equipment

and reduces the replenishment of the coolant, as well as reducing the effect of too much or too little in the separator.                                                       

The oil return hole connector can clearly see the oil return condition. The 360° rotation design of the end cap of the oil separation

cartridge requires only the end cap to be bolted and rotated to one side when replacing the filterelement, which makes maintenance easier.    

3. Intelligent Touch Screen Controller

The controller can control the operation of parts accurately with collecting all operating data to diagnose and indicate the fault ,  

Alert to protect the compressor and ensure  24-hour unattended operation,RS-485 communication function, support MODBUS.

RTU protocol reserved communication interface.According to the different users' needs to do linkage control and remote control.

4.High efficiency motor

Airstone compressor motor consign to professional motor manufacturer to perform local processing with using powerful power output,

extremely low operating temperature and energy conversion losses. have enough temperature margin and stable operation, ensures long-term

no-fault operation and reduce the motors fault.

5.Flexible coupling   

The coupling between the air end and motor is flexible ,ensure the compressor working stable  and high efficency  also very easy

to maintain for its proper design.


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