How to Avoid Compressor head get rusty

How to Avoid Compressor head get rusty

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Gentle Reminder: It is the season of rust in the screw head and rotor. In order to avoid the loss of production of your screw compressors due to water accumulation and rusty, the precautions for using are as follows
First of all, we need to understand why the compressor head accumulates water:
Take air conditioner for example to let you easy understanding
As you know that the air conditioner has a drain pipe. Normally, the air conditioner can discharge 20-25 liters of water for one night. This water is formed by the condensation of moisture in the atmosphere by the air conditioner compressor.
So is our screw compressor
When the screw compressor is running, the compressed air also contains condensed water in the atmosphere. During the continuous operation of the machine, after the oil temperature gradually rises to 80 °C, the condensed water in the oil begins to volatilize, and the water is discharged with the compressed air. into the air tank.

Due to the selection of models or the user's extremely small air consumption, the operating loading rate of the screw machine is seriously low, so that the temperature of the screw oil cannot reach above 80 ℃ for a long time, the water can’t be volatilize and runs with oil , caused the oil begins to deteriorate and emulsify, causing the inner rotor of the main engine get rusty and stuck.


1 Properly extend the unloading time of the air compressor (no-load delay), and artificially raise the oil temperature to above 85°C (90°C is the most suitable) for operation.
2 Before and after the installation of the air compressor, we have to know actual air flow we needed. And suggest to track the compressor when a new compressor installed in first week to check the actual operating and the oil status. This is very important!
3 In the case of low air consumption, the screw compressor should be shut down for 6 hours and the condensed water in the separator tank should be emptied regularly until the oil flows out. (How long it takes to discharge depends on the use environment of the screw compressor)
4 For users with particularly small air consumption, adjust the opening temperature of the cooling fan appropriately.
5.Drain out the water in the separator tank once a week. The method of water discharge: open the oil discharge valve of the separator tank before starting the machine in the morning until a small amount of lubricating oil flows out, and then close the valve.
6.if your compressor is permanent magnet inverter type machine , increase the lower limit frequency to 80%-90% of upper limit frequency, (generally the factory setting is about 40% of upper limit frequency), and increases the speed to make the internal temperature of the air compressor reach 80-90 degrees during normal operation.
7.Deflate the air, increase the air output of the air compressor and increase the load of the air compressor, so that the internal temperature of the air compressor rises to 80-90 degrees.
8.Check the oil every day if it contains water or not, and ensure the compressor temperature runs at (80-90) degrees 
For the compressor damage like water accumulation, oil emulsification, and rotor rusty. most of factory will not provide warranty even though it is still in warranty time, so Please check regularly
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