How to Choose compressor?

How to Choose compressor?

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Air compressor selection recommended:(wrote by Jessica)

2.2kw-4.5kw: It is recommended to use a piston air compressor or a scroll air compressor. Because both the piston machine and the scroll machine are fully shut down, it is suitable for enterprises with small air volume.

5.5kw-11kw: It is recommended to use fixed speed screw air compressor and piston air compressor. Because the screw air compressor is already the mainstream of the market, of course, there are reasons for choosing him. The choice of the piston air compressor is nothing more than a condition. If it is recommended for production enterprises, because the screw air compressor is suitable for long-term operation and low failure rate, it is also the best choice to ensure the normal operation of the factory. The piston is suitable for some small machining centers, repair shops, the main consideration is to reduce the cost of purchase.

15kw-75kw: It is recommended to use variable frequency air compressor or permanent magnet frequency conversion air compressor. The main consideration is that, on the one hand, screw air compressors are already mainstream for long-term production enterprises. On the other hand, it is to consider the aspect of energy saving because it can save waste of electricity generated by the dead time and the pressure difference of the air compressor. There is 20%-50% energy saving space, depending on the working conditions.

90kw-250kw: Recommended permanent magnet variable frequency double stage screw air compressor. Mainly consider energy saving aspects. The double stage can be 15% higher and 15% more energy efficient than single stage. Plus intelligent control of permanent magnet frequency conversion. Energy savings can be as high as 30%-50%, which is a good savings for high-cost factories.

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