Knowledge of compressor maintenance and debugging.

Knowledge of compressor maintenance and debugging.

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1. Startup debugging:

(1) check whether the connection of each part is fastened, whether the screws are loose and whether there is oil infiltration;

(2) check whether the electrical control wiring is off and whether the main line is fastened;

(3) whether the equipment is consistent with the use pressure of the equipment;

(4) connect the above power to measure whether the three-phase voltage is normal and whether the line diameter can meet the power consumption of the equipment;

(5) cut off the power supply and test whether the running direction is correct;

(6) check whether the oil level in the oil and gas tank is 2/3 of the inspection scope;

(7) check whether the air outlet ball valve is opened, and the ball valve must be fully opened to ensure the safe operation of the air compressor;

(8) carry the belt and check the elastic force of the belt;

(9) check the delivery date, if the time is longer, open the oil drain valve and check whether it contains water. If there is water, please discharge the water;

(10) fill in the debugging order for future maintenance and maintenance.

2. Maintenance:

(1), the first maintenance: equipment operation after 500 hours, for the first maintenance, the work is important, because the device is in the running-in period, to warn the user of the air filter, oil filter and oil change, and to do a good job of regular inspection and inspection records.

(2) daily maintenance and maintenance: this work is mainly done by the user, but as our service personnel, we should give guidance:

A. Do the inspection work and cleaning before starting the machine, for example, the drainage of gas storage and manual drainage of the drying equipment;

B. Start the daily operation record, pay attention to the observation of the exhaust temperature and the Chinese display on the display panel. If there is a failure, the air filter and oil filter replacement instructions should be performed in a timely manner;

C, user requirements to entrust maintenance: our service personnel regularly door-to-door service, completes the inspection record, in a timely manner to understand the usage of the user, do a good job, air filter and oil filter replacement equipment cleaning work, the inspection before every inspection and commissioning test, to do a good job of vacuum air filter and cooling system.

D. Troubleshooting: mainly refer to the installation and maintenance manual.

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