The most common seven faults of twin screw air compressor and their treatment measures.

The most common seven faults of twin screw air compressor and their treatment measures.

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1. The air compressor cannot be started normally: first check whether the power supply voltage is normal, whether the solenoid valve fails, whether the motor is working properly, whether the inlet valve is open, etc.

2, the decrease of the quality of the compressed gas, affect the quality of double screw air compressor compressed gas of the main reasons are: ambient air quality, cleanliness of the air compressor itself, air filter, oil and gas separator fault, etc.

3. The exhaust temperature is significantly increased: there are many factors contributing to the increase of the exhaust temperature, which are more common: the decrease of lubricating oil efficiency;Air compressor lack of maintenance, air compressor room temperature, cooling system failure.Maintenance is only required to be fixed and can be quickly ruled out.

4. Reduction of air displacement: the factors causing this failure are: inlet and outlet failure, pipeline leakage, air filter clogging, and insufficient voltage.

5. The noise of twin screw air compressor increases: the factor that causes the increase of noise may be the looseness of the fixed device of the air compressor, the looseness of parts, the failure of lubricating oil, etc., and it needs to be strengthened in a timely manner.

6. The service life of lubricating oil is shortened and the quality is reduced: the main compression in this aspect is the quality of the lubricating oil itself or the wrong model;Air compressor lack of cleaning and pollution of lubricating oil, lubricating oil system failure, etc.

7.Don't load: after  air compressor start resulting in failure of the factors are: double screw air compressor minimum pressure valve leakage, electromagnetic valve is not electricity, control the trachea fault, intake valve valve a binding, seal leakage, etc.

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