The cause and solution of the leakage of screw air compressor.

The cause and solution of the leakage of screw air compressor.

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Cause of oil leakage of air compressor:

1. The air compressor head is seepage with the surface, and the inlet pipe and the return tubing connector are loose;

2. Casting and processing defects can also cause the leakage of air compressor;

3. During the installation of the air compressor, the belt is installed too tightly and the main shaft is worn;

4. Oil seal off and oil seal leakage;

5. The main shaft is loose, leading to oil leakage.

Solution of air compressor oil leakage:

1. Check and reset air compressor belt tightness of the nose, it is advisable to thumb press 10 mm, too big or too small to adjust, this is the most easy to ignore, so each manufacturer should pay attention to this;

2. Check whether the defect of the box body casting or processing caused by the air compressor is repaired or replaced with defective parts to see if there is a serious impact;

3. Check the oil seal position of the air compressor, confirm whether the oil seal is cracked, and whether the inner lip is cracked or flanged.One of the above conditions shall be replaced;Check whether the sealing surface of oil seal and main shaft is cut and defective, and the damage and defect should be replaced.Unblocked, and check the oil return oil return don't open the crankcase pressure too high lead to oil seal leakage or loss, must make the pledge that we shall return pipe minimum diameter, and does not distort, no bending, oil return smoothly;Check the oil seal, the box body match the size, do not meet the standard to replace.

4. Always check the oil level of the engine oil. If there are too many impurities in the oil, the alloy powder and metal scrap should be replaced completely, and the oil change and the quality should meet the requirements of the season.Temporary oil seals should be properly kept to prevent oil stains, dust or sun exposure;

5. Force the main shaft to check whether the neck gap is too large, and the gap should be replaced with the axle and oil seal at the same time.

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