Screw Air Compressor Fault Judgment and Exclusion

Screw Air Compressor Fault Judgment and Exclusion

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1. Check the filter of air compressor. If there is any damaged, defective or dirty air filter, replace the damaged part in time;Check whether the inlet pipe of the air compressor is twisted or deformed to ensure that the inlet pipe has a minimum inner ring diameter (15.9 mm above).

2. Check whether there are too many bends, kinks and obstacles in the tubing.It is recommended that the minimum return tube diameter is (12 mm).The return oil pipe must be lowered from the air compressor to the engine crankcase.

3. Check and measure the wear and damage of the cylinder liner and piston ring of the air compressor, and the wear and tear should be replaced.

4. For the air cooling part of the air compressor, it is necessary to clear the oil, soot or unclean material accumulated on the radiator.Replacement of damaged parts;Check the damaged heat sink and find the damaged parts to be replaced.In view of the air compressor water cooling section, the: check appropriate cooling pipe size (the minimum recommended pipe diameter is 9.5 mm), check the coolant flow condition of air compressor, the motor to adjust speed, lowest allows traffic is 5 litres per minute.If the coolant flow is slow, check the rust, kink, and limiting factors of the cooling pipes and accessories.

5, check the water temperature should not exceed 93 ℃.Check the air valve on the cylinder to make sure they are working properly.The vehicle is recommended to be equipped with automatic exhaust valve.And properly equipped with air drying equipment in front of the storage cylinder.

6. If the vehicle does not use the brake, the leakage should not exceed 6.9 kpa per minute, and 20.7 kpa per minute when braking.If you leak too much, check the system for leaks and repair.Check the unloading system for work and repair.

7. Test engine crankcase pressure is too high, replace or repair crankcase ventilation equipment.The loose or partial lifting of the oil ruler indicates that the crankcase is under pressure.

8. Check engine lubrication pressure (air compressor inlet) and compare with rated pressure.

9. Replace the qualified lubricating oil.

10. To replace or repair an air compressor only if the above reasons are not present.

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