What to do when Panel blank screen?

What to do when Panel blank screen?

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1. Control panel failure.(change control panel)

2. Emergency stop button fault or cable release.(check the emergency stop button to check if the wire is loose)

3. Rupture of transmission belt.(replace the new belt)

4. The export of air compressor is too high.(filter smoke when there is no load)

5. The external three machine power supply is off or underphase.(check the electric brake and measure the three-phase voltage)

6. Failure or contact of the starter coil.(replacement of starter or contact check and maintenance)

7. The air compressor is in automatic parking condition.(check whether the outlet pressure is higher than the setting)

8. The power switch is off or the fuse is disconnected (check the electrical circuit back switch to recover)

9. Transformer fault or line shedding.(transformers replace new products or reconnect wires)

10. The air compressor is in fault condition.(troubleshooting)

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