Advantages of twin screw air compressor.

Advantages of twin screw air compressor.

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1. High reliability

Screw air compressor parts are small, and there are no vulnerable parts, so it is reliable, long life, and can reach between 4 and 80 thousand hours.

2. Easy operation and maintenance.

Screw air compressor automation is high, operators do not need long professional training, can realize unattended operation.

3. Strong adaptability

Screw air compressor machine has the characteristic of compulsory gas, almost not affected by the influence of the exhaust pressure, volume flow in the broad range of internal energy to keep high efficiency, under the condition of the compressor structure does not make any change, suitable for a variety of working medium.

4. Dynamic balance is good.

The screw air compressor has no imbalance force, and the machine can tell the work smoothly. It can be operated without foundation, especially suitable for mobile compressor, small size, light weight and small footprint.

Mix and lose.

There is actually a gap between the rotor teeth of the screw air compressor, so it can withstand liquid impact, and can deliver liquid gas, dust and easy to assemble gas.

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