How to maintain air compressor?

How to maintain air compressor?

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1. Lubricating oil shall be checked twice daily, and the oil surface must be kept between the two red lines or red lines of the oil viewing mirror.

2. The air compressor oil in the crankcase should be replaced regularly and replaced every 800 hours, and the oil is used for oil of screw air compressor.

3. The air intake valve and exhaust valve to regular cleaning, once a year the air valve down, remove carbon deposition, to host a comprehensive maintenance once a year, check the fitting clearance of the main moving parts, if excessive wear should be replaced.

4. The dirt in the storage tank should be regularly eliminated. At least once every 10 hours of operation, the drain valve at the bottom of the gas tank should be opened, and the air compressor should run for several minutes under the pressure of 0.2mpa to carry down the blowdown.

Check the reliability of the safety valve and the tightness of the triangle belt once a month.

The air filter must be cleaned once a month.

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