How to do if the screw oil temperature is too high?

How to do if the screw oil temperature is too high?

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There are three main types of heat dissipation in air compressor environment: 

1. Poor ventilation and heat dissipation.1.2. There are other heat sources near the air compressor;1.3. Open the front door and side door of the time and space compressor, and the fan cannot form strong turbulence.

2. The radiator is blocked. When screw air compressor environment dust is more, long running creates a layer of dust and sludge, the radiator surface adhesion its internal copper pipe also easy for oil accumulation congestion, thus affecting the cooling effect.

3. The filter is too dirty.When it is too dirty, the resistance oil cannot enter the compressor according to the normal flow rate, and the compression opportunity is heated up rapidly due to insufficient cooling and lubrication.Replace the oil filter at regular intervals.

4. The lubricating oil surface of screw compressor is too low.When the cold machine is checked, the oil surface is lower than the inspection tube and should be added immediately.

5. Low oil mark or poor oil quality.Special compressor oil is used for screw air compressor in shenzhen, and the temperature is too high when the viscosity and specific heat cannot be reached by other low-grade or inferior oil.

6. The oil break valve fails.Between oil filter and the compressor has a cut-off valve, when oil cut-off valve cannot open, because there was no oil lubrication cooling in time, the compressor start temperature rising rapidly, after about 1 min or so will automatically stop.Remove the temperature plug at the head end of the compressor, and it will be dry without oil, and smoke will come out of the hole.Open the hole at the bottom of the air compressor, remove the oil cut-off valve, and gently push the stem with the finger to see if it can be pushed forward and can be easily reset.If it is difficult to move or return, it is necessary to further disintegrate the oil breaking valve.If the valve stem or valve hole has oil scale, then need to use fine sandpaper to grind until easy to slide;If the spring is broken or a foreign body is stuck, it will also affect the stem movement.At this point, the spring or cleaning spring and spring holder need to be replaced.

7. The filter element of oil and gas separator is too dirty.When it is too dirty, the oil is caused by too much resistance and the circulation is too hot.This condition is judged from the pressure difference before and after loading. When the pressure difference between the two ends is 3 times or the maximum pressure difference reaches 0.1mpa, it should be cleaned or replaced.

8. The thermostat valve is in open position.The thermostat valve is in the open position in the cold machine, and then gradually closes after the temperature rise.When it fails, it may be in the open position, and the cooling oil will not flow directly to the air compressor through the radiator, so the temperature will slowly rise and stop.The inspection method is similar to the cut-off valve.

9. Excessive head pressure.When the head pressure exceeds the rated 12MPa, the long running time will automatically stop due to overload.At this point, check and adjust the pressure valve.

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