Reasons for air compressor downtime

Reasons for air compressor downtime

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(1) the refrigerant is insufficient or too much, please fill out the vacuum, add sufficient refrigerant or release the extra refrigerant.

(2) the capillary component (including filter) is blocked, and the suction temperature is increased. Please replace the capillary component.

(3) internal leakage of the four-way valve, which constitutes a misoperation, confirming the update after the damage.

(4) failure of the air compressor itself, such as short circuit, circuit breaker, and contact with the shell, etc., and replace the air compressor after checking and confirming.

(5) to protect the fault of the relay itself, please use the multimeter to check whether the contact point is conductive when the air compressor is not hot, and if the new protector is not replaced.

(6) high pressure pressure, pressure relay action, please analyze the reason and eliminate the situation.

(7) the condenser is ventilated or short-circuiting, please remove the outdoor obstruction and clean the condenser.

(8) the system is mixed with non-condensate gas (such as air), please vacuum and refill.

The outdoor unit has a high temperature. Please keep away from the heat source and avoid the sun.

Air compressor card cylinder or holding shaft.Available or rubber hammer hammer mat wood percussion vibration compressor shell, or adopt the method of shunt capacitance, fluorine no-load, may make the air compressor start running, but if invalid should replace air compressor.

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