Regular inspection and maintenance for air compressor

Regular inspection and maintenance for air compressor

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1. During maintenance, make sure that the pressure in the air compressor system has been released, separated from other pressure sources, the switch on the main circuit has been disconnected, and the safety sign that no closing is allowed has been made.

2. Please keep the machine clean and ensure that the air compressor unit is clean, oil-free, and free of dirt.

3. The drain valve of the air tank should be opened once a day to drain water. In places with heavy moisture, please do not open it once every four hours.

4. At least once a day, observe whether the crankcase side cover filter is clogged. If the dust accumulation is serious, remove the dust on the filter screen in time to keep the filter screen clean and unobstructed.

5. The air filter is cleaned or replaced for about 150 days, but it is subject to decrease depending on the circumstances. Check the belt once a month and check the tightness of the belt and each part of the screws once a month, and make sure that the air compressor is stable.

6. Every year, please clean the machine parts.

7. To replace the belt, all the belts must be replaced together. It is not permissible to replace only one belt. Otherwise, the tension will be unbalanced and the service life of the belt will be affected.

8. After adjustment, the motor pulley and the body pulley must be in the same line, otherwise the belt is easy to wear and cause abnormal sound

9. Check the compressor suction port for foreign objects.

10. The dirt and dust on the radiating fins must be cleaned regularly with compressed air, otherwise the unit may malfunction.

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