Airstone Industry 22kw/30hp Screw air compressor

Airstone Industry 22kw/30hp Screw air compressor

Airstone Industry 22kw/30hp Screw air compressor 

Main Features

1. Single Screw with low noise, Super Silenced Enclosure

2. Elegant compact design. Fully open access door to inner

3. 100% Continuous duty operation. Load/ No Load operation

4. Machine was CE and UL certificated. Machines under ISO9001 quality management standard system

5. LCD control panel with easy use and read. PLC control for load/ no load and auto shut-off according to the air flow which save much energy

6. 1 year full machine warranty, 3years air end warranty.

7. Progressive Adaptive Control ( PAC ) Protection continuously monitors key operating parameters and adapts to prevent unexpected downtime

8. Sequential Cooling System, significantly improves efficency, serviceability improves efficiency, serviceability and noise level

9. V-Shield Technology, provides a totally integrated, leak-free design

10. AIRHORSE screw air compressor selling all over the world, we can supply different electricity 

such as: 

380V 50HZ 3PH

220V 60HZ 3PH

440V 60HZ 3PH

415V 50HZ 3PH

230V 60HZ 3PH

460V 60HZ 3PH

AS-30HB Compressor

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